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6th October 2019


  We thank you for the harvest of the world, the people who have decorated our church today for our harvest festival, and for all the beautiful world in which we live created by you.
From the Methodist Prayer Handbook, we pray for the United Church of Zambia and the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and for the synod headquarters of the church and Zambia and all who work there. We pray for the Bristol District as it seeks to bring the gospel through the communities.

In the Circuit we pray for the church at Sidmouth, a friendly church catering for a mainly retired congregation


Lord you give us food to eat and water to drink, but many today with have neither, help us to be thankful for what we have and help us to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Amen




13th October 2019

 We give thanks for the work of the choirs who met on our premises on a Wednesday  and for the people from within the community who take part week by week.

We pray for the work of the church in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. We give thanks for those who have responded to your call in Tanzania to serve your growing church.. We pray for the Wales Synod of the Methodist Church and the pioneering mission of the Trinity Centre in Cardiff.


In the Circuit we pray for Sidwell Street as they still continue to consider the future


Lord, let unconditional love be my only agenda. I reach out for the good of my sister or brother, not for anything I may gain from helping them, or even any benefit I may win for your church. Lord, let my mercy and compassion reflect the pure and simple nature of yours. Amen. (from Roots for churches 2019)





20th October 2019


We give thanks for all who undertake pastoral work within the church, we remember all the children at this half term holiday.

We pray for Christians in Argentina, Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela. We give thanks for the people of Brazil committed to holiness and social justice. We pray for the Cumbria District for the beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the people, for the new Western Fells Circuit.


 In the Circuit we pray the Church at Silverton and Rev Brenda Mosedale who has responsibility for the church this year.


Grant me a voice for justice, Lord, and the courage to use it. May it be persistent and heard above the clamour of the world, not for my own sake, Lord, but for those whose voices are drowned out, and those whose courage falters in the face of life’s unfairness. Amen. (Roots for churches 2019)


27th October 2019

We give thanks for the women’s fellowship who meet every other Tuesday and for the way they support missionary work undertaken by the Methodist Church.


We prayer for the church in the Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. We give thanks to God for the ongoing work of the Evangelical Methodist Church of Bolivia. We pray for the Channel Island District giving thanks for the encouragement and direction suggested by the District Review.

In the Circuit we remember the Tedburn St Mary Church and the outreach work they undertake, including providing meals for those who are ill.


Forgive me for boosting my ego at the expense of someone else, Lord.
Help me to be honest about the attributes and achievements to which I can lay claim,
for the sake of my self-confidence and worth; but to do it without putting other people down.
Let me build bridges rather than barriers, and as you are merciful to me,
so may I be to others.Amen.  (Roots for churches 2019)




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