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1st December

We pray for all the people of the world that they may know the true meaning of Christmas, pray for the families who will come into our church to celebrate the birth of God’s son.

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook We pray for the United Church of Canada, the church in Guatemala, as they take the good news to the indigenous people. We remember the East Anglia District and the growing number of lay employment opportunities.

In the circuit we pray the church at Axminster who meets for worship in the 'Upper Room' at Pippins Community and Business Centre

O Lord, clear away any darkness that resides in my life. May I put on the armour of light,
be assured of your salvation, and be determined to follow your ways.
Remind me of your faithfulness and inspire a new hope in my heart.
Amen..  . (Roots for churches 2019)


8th December
We remember the work and give thanks for the members who are Pastoral visitors, visiting the lonely, housebound and sick, we remember such members of our church at this time of year.


From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray with for Christians in the Palestine and Israel and those who engage in non-violent ways to bring peace to the area. We give thanks for the Isle of Man District and the link with Cliff College


In the Circuit we pray for Cheriton Fitzpaine and pray for the wonderful Peace Light service catches the interest of young and old held this month


Lord, as the Spirit rested on Jesus, filling him with wisdom and understanding,
may the Spirit also rest on me, teaching and guiding me,
reminding me of Jesus and all that he has done.
Holy Spirit, fill my life today and grow good fruit in me.
Amen.  (adapted from Roots for churches 2019)


15th December

We remember all the people who we know and prayer for them at this time of the year, when we remember the coming of Jesus Christ into the world.

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray for the church in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, and the building of bridges with different cultures. We pray for the Church in Ireland, as they make changes to the Church goverence.

In the Circuit we pray for the church at Colyton the congregation is mostly retired and the morning service is usually traditional

Jesus, help me to see you. Show me who you are. Remind me of the things you have done,
how you can turn situations upside down, and that nothing is impossible for you.
As I go through my days, help me to recognise your work in my life,
to see what you have done for me.Lord, increase my faith in you.Amen. (Roots for Churches 2019)


22nd December

Jesus Christ came into the world to turn darkness into light, as we remember his birth in the stable help us to tell all people the good news of his birth, life and death for all people.


We remember the children who will open the shoe boxes this church has donated. And pray for a peaceful Christmas for the entire world

May the joy of Christmas shine in the world, uniting all people, and may we carry Christ’s loving kindness with us every day Amen.


Lord God, in all the decisions I need to make, give me wisdom and strength.
Help me be brave enough to change my mind if that is what I need to do.
May I be open to your will at work in me. In Jesus’ name.
Amen. (Roots for churches 2019}


29th December

As we leave this year help us not to look back, but look to the future and to ask God what he wants us to do for him in 2020.,

From the Methodist Prayer handbook, we pray for the church of both North and South India as the continue to help the most deprived and vulnerable communities. We pray for the Lincolnshire District and the ecumenical projects they are taking part in.

  In the Circuit we pray and remember Crediton and give thanks for the adaptive worship area, we give thanks for Ann Varker and pray for Alison Richardson, who subject to conference will be the Minister from next September.  


God of all – may my words, my thoughts, my actions honour you.
May I follow you; may I find you, as they did,
not cradled in your mother’s arms, but reigning in my heart.Amen. (adapted from Roots for churches 2019)


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