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2nd September 2018

At the time of a new start for the Methodist year, we pray for all the ministers and deacons who are looking forward to their ministry in a new Circuit. We pray especially for Rev Wayne Grewcock and Rev Ben Haslem as they start work in our circuit We pray for the members of the District Synod meeting next Saturday

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook, we pray work of the Methodist church in The Gambia and Sierra Leona and for the opportunities given to the people to share and. We pray for the London District and the life arfirming diversities in the district.

In the Circuit we pray for the church at Silverton as Rev. Yangsun Yi takes over as their minister

Lord, for the times I pretend to be something I’m not – forgive me.
Lord, at the times I cannot distinguish truth from lies –guide me.
Lord, in the times I need to witness to your light –empower me.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.  (Roots for churches 2018)

9th September 2018

. We pray for members of the Circuit meeting who have a meeting at Exmouth Littlemead this week.


From the Methodist Prayer Handbook We pray for the church in Benin and the Ivory Coast.for reconciliation and reunification in Benin. We pray for the South East District and the chaplains to schools, hospitals colleges and shopping centres.

In the circuit we pray for the Church at Tedburn St Mary, for the junior church and messy church who take an active part in the worship within the church.

Lord, where my heart feels dry,  pour out your living water. Where my soul feels sad,
apply the balm of your healing presence. Where my eyes feel dim, brighten my vision again.
Where life has held me captive, break those ugly chains and lead me into a renewed life of faith in you. In Jesus’ name.  Amen. (Roots for churches 2018)

16th September 2018

We give thanks for the children and their families who attend our own pre-school and pray that they may feel the love of God in their lives.

We pray for the Christians in Ghana and Equatorial Guinea, and for the partnership with the Methodist Church of Nigeria. We pray for the Bedfordshire, Essex and Hertfordshire District as they seek to transform grace into lives

In the |Circuit we pray for the church at Temple, Budleigh Salterton, as they share the love of God in the Town

Lord, following you can feel difficult. Often my heart is in the wrong place;
my eyes keep wandering away from you. But you call me to utter commitment –
to take up my cross and come after you. Give me courage to go wherever you lead me.
Amen. (Roots for churches 2018)

23rdSeptember 2018

 We pray for all the people who use their skills to help the running of this church and for the generosity of the many members in giving of time and money

We pray for the church in Cameroon and Nigeria we remember members of the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon who have had homes and  churches destroyed. We pray for the Birmingham District and the “Without walls” initiative

In the Circuit we remember the church at Topsham and the way they are looking outwards to the community.

Uphold my life, O God; remind me of your faithfulness. When I am overwhelmed, anchor me to your hope. When I feel weak and inadequate, sustain and reassure me. Remind me that in my weakness
you show your strength. Give me a new perspective, I pray. Amen. (Roots for churches 2018)


30th September 2018


We pray for the uniform organisations who meet on the premises, for the leaders and families of the girls and boys who attend

From the Methodist Pray Book: We pray for the Methodist Church of Southern Africa, and for the nations in the area struggling with drought. We pray for the Bolton and Rochdale District and for the work among asylum seekers and refugees.

In the circuit we pray for Tower Street Church as they decide where they feel the future lies.

Lord, open my eyes, that I may recognise the things in my life that distract me from living the life to which you call me. Give me the courage to identify and address these things, and to ask for help when I need it. Every day, draw me closer to you.
In Jesus’ name. Amen. (Roots for churches 2018)

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