2nd June 2019

We pray for the Local Preachers of the Circuit and pray for them as they meet for the Local Preachers meeting on Wednesday

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook we pray for the church in Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. We are grateful that the Methodist Church has been part of life in Chile for over 100 year. We pray for the Channel Island District and all the tourist who will worship in the islands this summer.

In the Circuit we pray for Axminster and the ecumenical links they have in the community.


Lord Jesus, sometimes I feel so trapped. Hope is trapped by past disappointments.
Confidence is trapped by past criticism or failures. Joy is trapped by past sadnesses.
Faith is trapped by past complacency. Release me from all that traps me.
Free me to sing out the words of my life to the music of your love. Amen. (adapted from roots for churches 2019)


9th  June 2019

We pray for members of the slimming world who use our premises each week.

from the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray for  the Methodist Church in Belize, Guyana, Leeward Islands, Panama, Costa Rica and Honduras. Still rebuilding after the Hurricanes in 2017. We pray for the Chester and Stoke on Trent District.

In the Circuit we pray for Cheriton Fitzpaine and the work they undertake within the village.

Gracious God, equip me with  Power, Energy, Newness, Trust,
Eagerness, Confidence, Opportunity, Strength, and  Truth –
that I may serve you in your world at PENTECOST
Amen... ( Roots for churches 2019)


16th June 2019

We pray for all the people who run the babies and toddlers group and give thanks for the people who come along on a Monday and/or Tuesday.

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook, we pray for the Methodist Church in Bahamas, Nicaragua, Jamaica and Turks and Caicos Islands for the youth work being undertaken in the Districts.  We pray for the Cornwall District, for new congregations and messy churches.

In the Circuit we pray for the church at Colyton  a mostly retired congregation who worship in a traditional way.

God of all, on my own I can’t manage – but with others and with you, I can!
On my own I won’t get far – but with others and with you, I will!
On my own I might fail – but with you and with others, I must try.
On my own I am empty – but with others and with you,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I am full! Amen. (Roots for churches 2019)

23rd June 2019

We pray for the musicians who help us worship week by week, the lesson readers and all who contribute towards our worship

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook, we pray for the church in Haiti and Cuba. For the powerful hand of the holy spirit which has grown the church in Cuba. We pray for the Darlington District, for the care that members provide within their communities.

In the Circuit we pray for the church at Crediton , where the building is being developed


Loving God, I entrust to you those times when I feel I have nothing to put on except loneliness and disappointment, frustration and staleness, sadness and anger, brokenness and failure.
Draw me back to your Word, your Son, your grace, that I may find new confidence,
wear new colours, try new styles, and be most fully myself – to your glory! Amen. (Roots for Churches 2019)


30th June 2019                


We pray for the Craft Group who meet on a Thursday and give thanks that they come together for fellowship and to use the skills you have given them

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook  we pray for the United Church of America, Canada, thinking for the refugees and asylum seekers who are settling in Canada and in the churches. We pray for the East Anglian District and the collaboration with neighbouring Anglian dioceses.

In the Circuit we pray for the small church at Crockenwell, the only Christian presence in the Village.

Help me be a slave to others, Lord: Supportive to those on the edge;Loving to those who are hurting; Available to those who need time;

Vociferous for those who need justice; Encouraging to those who are low. Amen. (Roots for churches 2019)




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