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4th March

We remember all the people who will be doing additional work with others during the lent period

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: We pray for the church in Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands and we pray for the new Moderator of the Solomon Islands in his first year in the role. We pray for the Northampton District and for the work among Methodist Schools.

In the circuit we give thanks for the congregation at Tower Street and pray for the new formed Exmouth Churches Council serving the 3 Exmouth Churches.


May my words and thoughts be acceptable to you, may my deeds and actions be worthy to you, and may my live show your love in the world. Amen (adapted from Roots for churches 2018)



11th March

We pray for all mothers’ today, those in touch with their children and those who do not know where their children are living. May we all remember our childhood and the mother who brought us up and give thanks for families?


From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray for the Methodist church in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga as their culture and faith are challenged from outside their Countries. We pray for our own district giving thanks for the work of the District Team In the Circuit we pray for Whiddon Down as they decide the future of the village church

Thank the Lord for his steadfast love, for his wonderful works to humankind.
Offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving, and tell of his acts with shouts of joy.Amen (Roots for churches 2018)




18th March

We pray for all the young families who come on to the premises on a Monday and Tuesday morning.

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray for the churches Nordic and Baltic Area and think especially of the opportunities being provided in Estonia to spread the Gospel.  We pray for the Sheffield District and the work being undertaken through “open the book”.

In the circuit we pray for the members of the Circuit meeting who are meeting on Wednesday, and we pray that you will guide them in their discussions and in their time of reflection and prayer



Help me to remember the things that Jesus has done for me, as we hear that he is about to die for me on that cross at Calvary and help me to use my life in the right way. Amen



25th March


 We remember all the families who have to rely on the Exeter Foodbank and give thanks for the individuals who donate to it either in time or goods


From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray for and give thanks for the Eurasia Area, giving thanks especially for the church in Germany where so many refugees and migrants continue to joint churches. We pray for the Southampton District as they continue to build the Kingdom

In the Circuit we remember the church at Withycombe, may the beacons of the light draw the community closer.

Jesus was with me as I woke up this morning. Jesus was with me

as I made our way here. Jesus is with me now. Alleulia. Amen

(adapted from roots for Churches 2018)