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4th June 2017

As we remember the gift of the Holy spirit, may we use the holy spirit within us to proclaim your good news

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook we pray for your church in Algeria, Macedonia, Serbia and Switzerland, praying all governments may show openness towards Christian Churches. We pray for the York and Hull District and especially think of Hull as it celebrates being the City of Culture this year

In the Circuit we pray for The Mint and in particular Rev Steve Santry the Superintendent.


Do not let your hearts be troubled for I am with you. I send the Holy Spirit to be a guide and comforter, may we thank you for all you do for us on a daily basis and help us to do you will Amen


11th June 2017

We pray all of the politicians who have been elected to govern this Country and pray for your guidance in their tasks.

from the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray for  Christians in Portugal, Spain and Italy that they may spread you good news throughout their countries. We pray for the Scotland and Shetland District and the chair Rev David Easton

In the Circuit we pray for Ottery St Mary as they seek your purpose in worship, mission and service, Guide them as they look to the future.

 God is one and God is three, God in you and God in me, God in trust and God in doubt, God always with me and I give you thanks. Amen (adapted Roots for churches 2017)


18th June 2017


We pray for all the people who run the babies and toddlers group and give thanks for the people who come along on a Monday and/or Tuesday.

from the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray as they come to the end of their year in office the President and Vice President of the Methodist conference and pray for their successors. We pray for the Connexional Team working for the church.

In the circuit we pray for our own church, for the outreach work being undertaken and for the community around us that we continue to work together.


In my journeying make me adventurous, in my encounters kind, in my heart peace and as God goes with me may I be rewarded when I make a difference Amen  (adapted Roots for churches 2017)


25th June 2017

We pray for the musicians who help us worship week by week, the lesson readers and all who contribute towards our worship

 From the Methodist Prayer Handbook, we pray for the church in the Gambia and Sierra Leone and pray all people may share harmony and freedom. We pray for the London District and for the ministry team of the diaconal order in London working in many varied communities.

In the Circuit we pray for the church at Seaton remembering Deacon Becky Lovatt currently on sabbatical.

Father forgive me if I tarnish the word family, when I exclude people from my thoughts, when I do not help the suffering, help me see others as you see me. Amen (adapted from Roots for Churches 2017)