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4th November

We remember in our prayers the people who meet to do crafts on our premises


 From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: We pray for the people of Belize/Honduras, Guyana and the Leeward Islands. Many of the countries affected by hurricanes which destroyed livelihoods, home and churches. We pray for the Chester and Stoke on Trent District giving thanks for the Number 11 Project, a one-stop support and advice facility.

In the circuit we remember the church at Axminster, now in new premises and hoping to continue to be people of prayer.


Loving God, help me draw closer to your word,  that I may draw closer to others.
Help me listen to your promptings in my heart, that I may serve others.
Help me build a rhythm of prayer, that I may uphold others.
And help me to live out my days, and set my words to the music of your love and grace,
that I might inspire others – in Jesus’ name Amen.  (roots for churches 2018)


11th November

We remember that the First World War ended 100years ago, we remember all who have died in conflict and pray that one day all people of all nations may live in peace.

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook:  We pray for the Methodist Church in Bahamas, Nicaragua and Jamaica, and for the youth work undertaken on a daily basis. We pray for the Cornwall District and for the signs of growth across the District

In the Circuit, we pray for the church at Cheriton Fitzpaine and the community shop which is on the premises.

God of all, I am neither rich nor poor, but comfortable – may that not turn to complacency.
I cannot change very much, and I challenge very little – may that not invite indifference.
I do not live sacrificially, but neither am I greedy – may that not lead me to be satisfied.
I do my duty, no more, no less – may I not avoid responsibility, but be your disciple in your world
today – generous, compassionate and far seeing. Amen. .(roots for churches 2018)




18th November
We pray for all the members and leaders of the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides who meet on our premises.


From the Methodist Prayer Handbook:  we pray for the church on Cuba and Haiti. We give thanks that in 20 years the number of Methodist churches in Cuba has risen from 98 to 420. We pray for the Darlington District for the work of the church in visiting and supporting their neighbourhood community.

In the circuit we remember the congregation at Colyton a mostly retired but loyal congregation.


Loving God, I place into your hands: all my fears about the state of the world;
all my despair at the violence within the world; all my concerns about the fragility of the environment;
all my worries about my own life; all my doubts that you will stay faithful to your people.
Loving God, I place into your hands today, tomorrow and all time.
Amen.   (roots for churches 2018)




25th November


We give thanks for the outreach work of the church for families through Young Families and Friday Café


From the Methodist Prayer Handbook We pray for the churches of the USA, Canada, and Mexico. We remember e=refugees and asylum seekers who have fled to Canada. . We pray for the East Anglia District and the lay people who have signed up for the Pioneer Ministry Certificate.


In the Circuit we remember Crediton  and its aspiration to be a dynamic worshipping Christian Family.


Lord Jesus, you appeared powerless before Pilate, and yet in you is all power and all truth. Help me to discern your truth in my own life, and in the life of the world, that I may be confident, compassionate and committed to the causes of justice and peace. In your name, I pray.
Amen.  (Roots for churches 2018)