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6th May 2018

We pray for all the young people who attend uniform organisation on our premises and for the leaders who turn up week by week.
 From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray for our Partner churches throughout the world, for the world church relationships, World Methodist Council and the World Council of Churches.

In the Circuit we pray for the church at Cheriton Fitzpaine and the closer working with the Parish Church

 Just as I am, with the love I have, with the love of you I know, so guide me, God, in all I do and in all I am,

to bear fruit for you. Amen.(roots for churches 2018)


13th May 2018
We remember all the children and parents who come on to our premises, week by week.

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray for the President and Vice President of Conference and for the Officers of the Methodist Conference in Britain

In the Circuit we remember the congregation of Colyton and the mission of the church to continue to provide spiritual and social friendship within the community.

As I leave this sacred space and take myself and your truth, O God, into the secular, messy, mixed-up world: be my strength and my guide. Amen. (Roots for churches 2018)


20th May 2018

As we remember the gift of the Holy spirit, may we use the holy spirit within us to proclaim your good news


From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray for the Gambia and Sierra Leone, praying you will circle the people with compassion and love. We pray for the London District as they seek to engage neighbourhoods and communities.

In the circuit we pray for the church at Crediton and pray that they may be aware of each other’s needs as they seek to develop the building.

Breathe, O God, your Holy Spirit into my mortal being; give life and verve and dynamism to my love of you; kindle the flame that I may radiate the love and glory of your being. Amen. (Roots for churches 2018)


27th May 2018

We give thanks for the work of the ALAN project and pray for those involve in the project and those people sent to the project to be helped

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook, we remember the churches of the Ivory Coast, Benin, and Togo as they seek to preach Jesus, in word and deed in the midst of poverty. We pray for the South East District and the rich Christian heritage of the people of Kent

In the Circuit we remember the church at Crockenwell as they reach out to the community with the Good News

When I hear your voice, Lord God,  when I hear you whispering my name, when I hear you call ‘Whom shall I send?’ – give me the courage, the love, the faith to respond: ‘Here am I; send me!’ Amen. (adapted from Roots for Churches 2018)