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7th January

We remember all Christians throughout the world who will be committing their lives once again to God through the covenant service. We give thanks that we can worship with different denominations yet all worshipping the same God

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook, we pray for the Christians in Israel and Palestine and pray that peace will come to that part of the world. We pray for the Isle of Man District and for light shining out to visitors week by week.

In the Circuit we pray for Seaton Methodist Church and the initiates to concentrate upon ministry in the local community and the local Primary School


As we gather once again to renew our commitment to God, we pray that he may guide us in 2017 and show us the way in which we can spread his kingdom in the world. Amen



14th January

We give thanks for the work of all the volunteers that ensure that worship is conducted week by week; we especially give thanks to the musicians who assist our singing.

From the  Methodist Prayer hand book we pray for the Methodist Church of Upper Myanmar, Pakistan and Bangladesh, thinking of refugees and the homeless. We pray for Mission in Britain and all who are spreading the good news to all


In the Circuit we remember the church at Sidford  and for the monthly prayer meeting which takes place


Here I am, Lord. Speak, for your servant is listening. Act, for your servant is waiting.
This week, I want to be attentive to you; I am listening, watching, waiting for you.
Come, Holy Spirit.  Amen. (Roots for churches 2018)


21st January.

We give thanks for all the leaders of the uniformed organisations who commit themselves week by week to ensure that the young people are taught new things and ways of socialising with their peers.


From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray for the church of India. We pray for the plightmarginalised women in India. We pray for the Lincolnshire District as they continue to address the theme “Towards a more authentic Church”

In the Circuit, we pray for the work of the church at Sidmouth and pray that new growth may take place this year

With those I love, with those I meet, and within my heart, may I bring your peace, Lord. Amen.  ( Roots for Churches 2018)


28th January

We pray for the people who meet on our premises on a weekly basis, not connected with a church group, but may they still know the love of God as they meet

From the Methodist Prayer handbook we pray for the church in Indonesia and Sri Lanka that the various denominations may continue to work together. We pray for the Liverpool district and the pioneering approaches to sharing the gospel, and the mission opportunities in Southport.

In the Circuit we pray for the church at Sidwell Street as they explore new ways for the use of their premises.


The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I will remember God’s marvellous works.
I will give thanks to God with my whole heart. I will seek God’s wisdom and rejoice in God’s love.
Amen.  (Roots for Churches 2018)