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7th October 2018


  We thank you for the harvest of the world, the people who have decorated our church today for our harvest festival, and for all the beautiful world in which we live created by you.
From the Methodist Prayer Handbook, we pray for the United Church of Zambia and the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe and for listening to the prayers of the people of these Countries. We pray for the Bristol District for the shared initiatives in places of ecumenical co-opeation.


In the Circuit we pray for the church at Whiddon Down, small in number and making decisions about the future.


Lord you give us food to eat and water to drink, but many today with have neither, help us to be thankful for what we have and help us to help those less fortunate than ourselves. Amen




14th October 2018

 We give thanks for the work of the choirs who met on our premises on a Wednesday  and for the people from within the community who take part week by week.

We pray for the work of the church in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. We give thanks for the work of the churches in these countries and the continued support of All we Can. We pray for the Wales Synod of the Methodist Church and the continued success of the recent youth exchange visits to Jamaica.


In the Circuit we pray for the Exmouth Church (Withycombe section) and the new Exmouth Minister Rev. Wayne Grewcock. We pray that the 3 sections of the Exmouth Church continue to work together.


Challenge me, God, where I have made too much of the ‘things’ in my life;.
Give me a new perspective – help me to let go of that which has had too much of a hold on me,
and instead, focus my heart on you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

 (adapted from Roots for churches 2018)





21st October 2018


We give thanks for all who undertake pastoral work within the church and the people who deliver flowers week by week and the ladies who arrange the flowers week by week.

We pray for Christians in Argentina, Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela. We remember our brothers and sisters in Venezuela living under an oppressive dictator and denied basic human rights.

We pray for the Cumbria District for the beauty of the landscape and the warmth of the people, and people from different denominations joining together to create new forms of ministry and mission.


 In the Circuit we pray the Church at Wonford and for Rev Ben Haslam who has come to be the minister. We pray for the people included in outreach from the church.


Oh God, sometimes I am so aware of all the things I cannot do. I feel tired, vulnerable and worry that my efforts are not worthwhile. But you lift up my head. And one touch of your love reminds me
I am here for you. I am part of your plan. Help me to serve you today, in my own small way.. Amen. (adapted from Roots for churches 2018)


28th October 2018

We give thanks for the women’s fellowship who meet every Tuesday and for the way they support missionary work undertaken by the Methodist Church.


We prayer for the church in the Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay. We give thanks to God for sustaining the Methodist Church in Chile for over 100 years We pray for the Channel Island District giving thanks for the many opportunities to share God’s ministry of transforming hope and grace

In the Circuit we remember the Chaplaincy work undertaken at Cranbrook, the University and The City Centre and homes and hospitals throughout the Circuit.


God of restoration, change my heart, I pray. Where tears haunt my steps, bring me out into a place of joy. When confusion overtakes me, guide me into clarity. When I feel I cannot walk at all, carry me, O loving God,  that I might be always in your presence and in your care.
In Jesus’ name. Amen.  (Roots for churches 2018)