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6th January

We give thanks for the work of all the volunteers that ensure that worship is conducted week by week; we especially give thanks to the musicians who assist our singing.

From the Methodist Prayer Handbook, we pray for the Christians in Malaysia and Singapore giving thanks for the Methodist Church in Sarawak in a mainly Muslim district. We pray for the Manchester and Stockport District and pray for the work of the circuit leadership teams.


In the Circuit we pray for Honiton Methodist church and the small number of children who attend Fish Club every Sunday.


What shall be the star to guide me, Lord, and what shall be my dream?
Speak to me as you will, so I may walk in your ways and lay the gifts of my heart, mind and soul at your feet. Amen. (Roots for churches 2019)


13th January

We remember all Christians throughout the world who will be committing their lives once again to God through the covenant service. We give thanks that we can worship with different denominations yet all worshipping the same God

From the  Methodist Prayer hand book we pray for the Christian of China and Hong Kong giving thanks for the influence of both the Church of England and the Methodist Church in bringing Christianity to this area. We pray for the Newcastle District giving thanks for the people who help young people week by week


In the Circuit we remember the church at Littlemead now part of Exmouth Methodist Church and for their outreach work


As we gather once again to renew our commitment to God, we pray that he may guide us in 2019 and show us the way in which we can spread his kingdom in the world. Amen


20th January.

We give thanks for all the leaders of the uniformed organisations who commit themselves week by week to ensure that the young people are taught new things and ways of socialising with their peers.


From the Methodist Prayer Handbook: we pray for the church of Japan, North Korea and South Korea. For the work of the peace groups in Nagasaki and Hiroshima who raise the horrors of Nuclear war. We pray for the Lancashire District and the 12 Methodist and ecumenical primary schools across the district.

In the Circuit, we pray for the work of the church at Lympstone and their 4W style of worship


I do not ask for the spiritual gift I would have, Lord,  for I am not a magician seeking powers.
I am a follower of Christ seeking to know what you would have me do.
Therefore, I know that through the Holy Spirit, the gift will choose me,
and I will be grateful. Come, Holy Spirit. Amen. (Roots for churches 2019)


27th January

We pray for the people who meet on our premises on a weekly basis, not connected with a church group, but may they still know the love of God as they meet

From the Methodist Prayer handbook we pray for the church in New Zealand and Australia, who are raising awareness about people living in poverty. We pray for the Nottingham and Derby District and the work promoting the gospel

In the Circuit we pray for the Mint and the superintendent of the Circuit Rev. Steve Santry.


I pledge myself to play my part in your plans, O Lord. I immerse myself in the belonging of your body, the Church. I will not withhold the gifts I have, but serve willingly and well in the work of our kingdom.
Amen. (Roots for churches 2019)